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HMRC Tax Return Deadline – 31st January

The deadline for filing a tax return with HMRC is 31 January but despite HMRC’s best efforts to remind us all that it shouldn’t be taxing, taxpayers often end up putting off thinking about their tax returns until the last minute.

Getting your tax return done well before the deadline can have several advantages including giving you more time to save for your tax bill, reducing mistakes and getting any tax refunds due sooner!

There are also penalties for not filing returns on line which are significantly higher than they used to be. If you file your return late there is an immediate £100 penalty which is not reduced even if you have paid your tax on time.  If you are more than 3 months late filing your return £10 daily penalties start to apply up to a maximum of £900!

To get your tax return sorted and avoid the hassle of penalties, give us a call or email us today – we can help.